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25 Year Magic Veteran “Diabetic Game Guy” to Join Monday Night Magic Starting in Week 3

Long time Magic the Gathering veteran, and rookie Twitch streamer DiabeticGameGuy will be joining Plague League‘s inaugural season of Monday Night Magic starting with the May 11th edition of the 5 week long tournament.

Leo, who’s been known as DiabeticGameGuy since his 2017 type 2 diagnosis, has been a friendly and welcomed member of the Magic community since nearly the beginning.

His CV includes a dream 1997 Vintage season where he won the Midwest Regional Championship a 3rd in the North American Championships and a 43rd in the US Nationals. He’s also reached Top 8 in over 30 PTQ events.

Leo has made the transition from paper Magic to Arena and recently launched his own Twitch stream. He’s also a part of the Wizards Content Creator program and on Monday May 4th, was a featured streamer on WIzard of the Coast’s website.

Since making the move to Arena, Leo has focused on drafting, but will be joining – and streaming – his Monday Night Magic debut on May 11th at 5PM EDT/4PM Central.

Meet our newest streaming partner DiabeticGameGuy on Twitch ( and Twitter (

If you want to throw cards with Leo, you can still register for the May 11th edition of Monday Night Magic at our Aetherhub tournament page (

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