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26 Players Answer the Bell for Monday Night Magic Week 2

In a break from tradition, it was the early pod of Monday Night Magic that was chock-a-block with planeswalkers as 16 players sat for round 1 of 4.  3 rookies joined the league, with 2 taking the podium spots.  Lucas Franzoni went 4-0 with a Sultai Ramp deck, followed by Lucas “f1m0z3” Garofolo and Yunsang “MagicEsper” Tse leading the 3-1 charge.  Season 2 champion David “fantomasdaveMX” Carrera returned after computer connectivity issues last week to finish pod 1 at 2-2.

The late pod launched with 10 players, all but 1 being Plague League veterans. After the four rounder was over, there was a 3 way tie with “Nasty” Nate Lehnert, Michael “Mooch” Miccuolo and Paul “Plague” Miles all finished 3-1. Nate took the pod win via his strength of schedule, earning his first career pod win.

Looking at the season standings, Mooch leads the points championship (30) and the ELO King of the Mountain chase (1240), with Brennan “Lord Sarzex” Grandey (27) sitting in the catbird seat.  A little lower down the standings, Lucas Garofolo is leading our Rookie of the Season points battle, with a slim 3 point lead over Shawn “PDawg” Montgomery and Lucas Franzoni.

Current standings after 4 events:

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