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2nd Pod Added to Monday Night Magic – 8PM Start Time Now Available

Starting on June 1st players will have two opportunities to participate in Plague League’s weekly standard tournament, Monday Night Magic.  For season two we will be running 2 pods, continuing the 5pm Eastern start time, and a new 8pm Eastern start time. The 5PM pod will continue to be administered using Aetherhub‘s tournament system, but with the 8PM pod we will be testing‘s tournament system.

We are expecting some growing pains as we test new systems and schedules on the fly, but our goal as a tournament organization is to be as nimble and responsive as possible to our players in order to continue to build and support a great community.

Players interested in playing in both 5pm and 8pm pods will be supported. We are confident that we can get the 5pm pod complete before the 8pm pod triggers.

The concept for all of our weekly events is to as closely replicate the feel of an active game store as possible  Triggering multiple casual leagues on the same day with players active in the voice channels on our Discord server is one of our goals.  To switch from “we” to “I”, I want Plague League to be a community first. I also want to throw the best digital TCG tournaments on the internet. But community is first.

I hope you join, enjoy, and participate in our community.

Sign-ups are now open for our season 2 MNM opener on June 1st.
5PM pod sign-up:
8PM pod sign-up:

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