Plague League


About Plague League

Plague League is a gaming community for the social distancing age. We support and promote digital TCG, online RPG and virtual tabletop gaming.

While most gaming organizations focus on competition, our mission is to provide a fun and social environment for players to share their love of games and continue to socialize during a time when socializing is difficult.

The Plague is an independent organization launched in April 2020 with no support from game publishers. We are not a brick & mortar store, but we are passionate gamers with years of experience producing and running events and building communities.


Paul “Plague” Miles

Commissioner & Director of Fun

Plague has over a decade of experience organizing esports and traditional sports events and another decade as a sports commentator. In his long and winding road, he’s worked with Halo:CE, mixed martial arts, iRacing, pro wrestling, short track stock car racing, soccer, football, boxing and Guitar Hero.

He’s interviewed UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn, announced a monster truck show featuring Bigfoot, and called play by play at the historic ECW Arena during his career. But his first love is gaming.


Jonah “Dualcast Gaming” Hagan

Director of Technology
Wednesday Night Historic Pauper (8PM Eastern) Link


Jonah started as one of the early members of the Plague League community and quickly stepped forward to not only run a weekly event, but also began pitching in to help solve technical issues.  In August 2020 he was offered the title of Director of Technology.

He is a jack-of-all-games, having played nearly every game at least enough to get it down. He follows this same practice with other hobbies and various skills. Depending on the day you can see him either playing a combo deck in Arena, managing the plugins on the website’s backend, or posting pictures of his painting, carving, etc. The one consistent thing he does is make the most irritating decks.

Tournament Runners

“Nasty” Nate Lehnert

Tuesday Night Brawl (7PM Eastern)
Tuesday Night Historic Brawl Weekly League (8PM Eastern) Link

Brennan “Lord Sarzex” Grandey

Thursday Night Historic (5PM Eastern) Link

Tournament runners are community members who host their own weekly events using the Plague League Discord server. If you are interested in hosting a game night of your own on the PL Discord server, contact Plague for more information.