Plague League

Anti-Harassment & Anti-Cheating Policy

Harassment Policy

Plague League and the Valhalla World Tour are Inclusive Spaces

We have a zero tolerance policy in regards to verbal abuse, threatening language and intolerant speech or behavior.

All users of any Plague League or Valhalla World Tour platforms (website, Discord server, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter or other) are expected to act in a mature and respectable manner at all times. Abusive language of any kind will not be tolerated.  This includes attacks on race, creed, color, sexual orientation or identity, physical appearance, age, national origin, religious identity, political identity, disability, or any other protected community. Unsolicited sexual attention will also not be tolerated.

Users of the Plague League platform are expected to not engage in discussion, debate or proselytizing of any religion, political platform, or life style. Using our spaces as a platform to evangelize your beliefs will not be tolerated.

Players will not use any direct or private messaging utility to send unsolicited messages. Messages of an abusive, or sexual nature will be dealt with legally if the behavior meets those criteria. Plague League and Valhalla World Tour staff (including volunteers, game masters, vendors or sponsors) will be held to the same ethical and moral standard as all other members of the community.

Anyone who feels threatened, unsafe or harassed in any way is encouraged to direct message Discord or Twitch stream moderators, their game runner or game master, or contact Plague League’s organizer Paul Miles directly at either @mrtheplague2 or

Plague League and Valhalla World Tour staff will act quickly and decisively to resolve any instances of harassment or abuse. Anyone violating any of these terms risks consequences up to and including expulsion from any event (no refunds of ticketed events), banning from future Plague League events, and legal action, should any incident rise to meet necessary criteria for law enforcement involvement.

If you believe that there is an issue not covered with this policy, we are open to discussion as we want to be better, not just as community organizers, but as people. Please contact us at to help us better server our gaming community.


Anti-Cheating Policy

Defined cheating:
Players using a game client (either a stand-alone client such as Magic the Gathering Arena or a web based client such as are expected to play in the spirit of the client. Any abuse or exploiting of the game mechanic will not be tolerated.

Disconnecting from a game session is not considered cheating. However, players in time limited best of X series events will have 15 minutes from round begin to connect to their match. If they do not connect to their match within 15 minutes, they will be issued a game loss. If a player is unable to connect with their opponent, they are to communicate that via the appropriate Discord channel to tournament organizers. If neither player is responsive after 15 minutes, the match will be considered a double withdraw, and both players will be dropped from the event.  If one player is unresponsive after 30 minutes, it will be a second game loss, match loss and the offending player will be dropped from the event.

If a player disconnects during a game, they will have up to the game client’s time limit to reconnect to that game. If the game client issues them a game loss, that result will stand, unless the opponent agrees to restart the game.

If a player needs to restart a game client after one or more games have been completed, the match will restart, and players will forfeit games until the in game client reflects the last known board state.

“Screen/Stream Sniping” is strictly prohibited from ticketed or prized events. Players found to be looking at their opponent’s gameplay during a match will be immediately dropped from their current event. A second occurrence will result in a 1 month suspension, and a third occurrence will result in a permanent ban.

Coaching during any ticketed or prized event is will result in an immediate drop from the current event.

Plague League and the Valhalla World Tour will follow all game-specific rules and respect any publisher or developer announced player bans.