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Banned and Restricted Announcement: August 3rd, 2020

This week, we see Standard, Historic, and Pioneer all get hit with the ban hammer.


Standard metagame has been pretty rough since War for the Spark, and hasn’t seen much help since. But with the banning of Teferi, Wilderness Reclamation, Cauldron Familiar, and Growth Spiral; the meta should change drastically. 


The most prominent decks were Temur Rec, Bant Ramp, and Sacrifice decks. Each had their problems, but the worst were Temur Rec and Bant Ramp. Tefari made playing against Bant non-interactive, while Growth Spiral made it fast and consistent.

Growth Spiral Teferi, Time Raveler

 Same to Temur Rec, with its fast ramp and card advantage, mixed with difficult to interface game plan. With these three cards banned, I predict we’ll see more creature and removal based strategies. 

Wilderness Reclamation

As for Cauldron Familliar, it made removal a joke; and making attacking difficult as it whittled away at your life total.

Cauldron Familiar

As for Historic, what can I say? Teferi and Wilderness Reclamation made the meta game stale and non-interactive.


Pioneer however? Fantastic bans. With combo decks being essentially removed from the format, it’s going to be a lot healthy in these coming months. 

Dimir Inverter was an issue. A 2 card combo with lots of protection was not ideal in the meta. With Inverter of Truth gone, the deck doesn’t really exist, but we still have Jace.

Inverter of Truth

Same with Underworld Oracle decks. Without the second half of the combo, the deck just falls apart.

Underworld Breach

Ballista was and odd choice to me. I suppose its because Wizards doesn’t want Pioneer to have too many combo decks running around, but I don’t know.

Walking Ballista

Kethis Combo was annoying, but wasn’t very common among the Dimir Inverter and Underworld Breach decks. But with the unbanning of Oath of Nissa, the deck became absurd.

Kethis, the Hidden Hand

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