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Brennan Grandey and Shawn Montgomery Split MNM Season Opener

The Monday Night Magic season 3 opener suffered a little bit of a Championship Hangover, as we saw only 11 players answer the bell for the night. The day’s Banned & Restricted update, which Brennan Grandey wrote about, sent shockwaves through the MNM meta, and everybody brought a fresh deck to opening night.

But after four rounds, it was Brennan who came home with the 4-0 and bragging rights to the first pod win of the August/September season.  Mike Mucciolo took 1 loss to end at 3-1 and rookie contender Matthew “Righteous Ranger” Lee lead the field of 2-2’s ahead of Manuel “Nuncho” Lanceta and Paul “Plague” Miles.

In the 8pm, it was the silent but deadly Shawn “PDawg” Montgomery taking a heavy mono-red aggro build to the 12 point take down.  Rookie contender Marley Lawrence came in second with a 3-1, taking their only loss to PDawg in round 3 via an AFK.  A four-way tie in the 2-2’s saw David Headley, Mucciolo, Grandey and Jonah Hagan all scoring 6 points in the night cap.

Monday Night Magic is off until next Monday, but check the schedule for our community run Brawl, Historic Pauper and Historic leagues.


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