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Causa Championship Series Schedule (and Short Update)

Plague League’s first foray into major events is less than a month away.  On November 7 & 8 we will be presenting the Causa Championship Series, in conjunction with Niebla Games, producers of Causa, Voices of the Dusk.

Registration is free, with in game prizes provided by Niebla being split among the top 8 finishers.

As a reminder, registration closes at 11:59PM (Eastern, UTC-4 due to Daylight Savings Time) on Friday November 6th.  That includes submitting both your decklists to  If you need help with your decklists, our friend Pete Creighton has a fantastic deckbuilding app that we highly suggest.

Tournament check-in will open at 9:00AM (UTC-4) and play will begin at 10:00AM (UTC-4) on Saturday November 7th with 50 minute timed rounds.

The Saturday stage will be swiss rounds with the number of rounds determined by the number of entries. The top 8 finishers from Saturday will advance to the Knock-out Stage which will begin with check-ins at 9:00AM(UTC-4) on Sunday November 8th. The first round of the knock-out stage will begin at 10:00AM with 50 minute timed rounds.

We will be broadcasting the event from Plague Central Command on our Twitch channel (  Players interested in having their matches featured on stream should be willing to screenshare their game via the Plague League Discord. We are considering stream delays to discourage stream sniping.

Players are encouraged to join our General voice chat channel on the Discord server to participate in the on-stream conversation (English only for the Plague League broadcast, we will keep you informed of potential Spanish & Portuguese language streams as we hear of them).

If you are interested in being an on-air commentator for our English language stream, please email We are very interested.

Speaking of our stream, we will be streaming for 5 consecutive days for CCS weekend. Starting on Friday we will be streaming a special Friday Night Monday Night Magic featuring Plague & Quiet Speculation‘s Joe “MTGJoeD” Davidson, then the CCS on Saturday & Sunday, Monday is our regular Monday Night Magic event, and Tuesday & Wednesday we will be playing Marbles on Stream during the day.

To stay up to date on the CCS and all Plague League events, join our Discord server today.

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