Plague League
Monday Night Magic Particpatant Badge

Celebrate May the Fourth Be With You By Playing Some Standard

We are less than twenty four hours away from our second Monday Night Magic tournament. A few players are looking to cash in a receipt on DougLife, who lost one game enroute to a perfect 3-0 record in week 1. Doug has told us that he is brewing a new deck and is leaving the Thassa/Agent combo on the bench.

I’m also hearing that we will have plenty of new players, some with tournament experience, and some rookies. All players are welcome at our gaming tables.

You have to register your deck via our Aetherhub tournament page (, and it is heavily suggested that you join our Discord server ( And you are all also very welcome to join our website community. Build your profile, collect badges and connect with other MTGA players.

If you missed the news yesterday, we have commissioned Jae Franza to create our first Plague League playmat. The playmat (which will come in standard playmat and extended mousepad sizes) will be awarded to the Monday Night Magic Season 1 champion, to be crowned in one month’s time.  There is still plenty of time to join the fray and make some noise in the championship hunt.

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