Plague League

Changes Coming to Pokemon Weeklies

Darkness Ablaze is coming in mid-August, which gives Plague League an opportunity to fine tune our weekly Pokemon TCGO leagues. While our PTCGO player community has not grown as quickly as our Magic player community has, our Pokemon players are absolutely crushing the bandwidth on our Discord server. Our team is hard at working in deck building sessions and strategy meetings on the server, preparing to represent The Plague in the Atlas Collectables Pokemon Online Gaming Championship, and we expect our player base to begin growing as we enter the Darkness Ablaze era of Pokemon.

That’s the good news.  The bad news is that with DAB dropping mid-month, our goal of prizing every player who competes in either of our weeklies with 1 free pack code is now untenable.  Our supply of DAB codes costs nearly double that of Rebel Clash.  We will begin polling the community on future prize support, which might see no prizes, or a 1 pack buy-in for a top X payout each night. Stay tuned, and make your voice heard in our Discord.

Now the rest of the news. Beginning next week, our Pokemon Standard Series will begin following the league schedule that our Magic Standard series runs. Each season will consist of 2 months worth of events with players accumulating points each week towards an overall season championship.  The points format will follow that of a standard Swiss pairings event, 3 points for a win or bye, 1 point for a draw and 0 for a round loss.


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