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Community Highlight: Lord Sarzex is Breaking Down M21 Spoilers

Brennan “Lordsarzex” Grandey has taken it upon himself to give a very thorough breakdown of some of the M21 set spoilers. He’s been doing so in our Discord server as well as his activity feed.

Brennan has a handful of Top 8 finishes on his C.V., and prides himself on taking deep dives into classic Magic the Gathering sets.

Baneslayer Angel. One of the best vennila mythics there is and for good reason. Baneslyer is one of, if not the best, top ends for “Life Gain” and “Control” there is. The last time we had a Baneslayer effect was Dominaria with “Lyra Dawnbringer”, who was a staple for combating mono red and most other decks in the format. Baneslyer will fit the same roll, as another top end for control and life gain decks in standard.

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