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Dave “fantomasdaveMX” Carrera Wins Monday Night Magic Season 2 Championship & Rookie of the Season

Monday Night Magic‘s season 2 finale saw a record 28 entries and 22 players completed at least one round as we saw our first 9 round evening in league history.  Going in to Championship Monday, Rookie of the Season Dave “fantomasdaveMX” Carrera was 6 points behind Brennan “LordSarzex” Grandey for the overall championship. With Grandey inactive for the evening, Dave needed three round wins to secure his first Plague League title, and take the banner with him to Mexico.

In the first pod, Dave took wins over veteran Phil “Time Symmetry” Peffer and rookie contender Nuncho, but a round 4 loss to Jonah “Dualcast Gaming” Hagan sent Carrera to the 8PM pod still needing 1 round victory to earn the title.

With originally 20 players registered, and 16 checked in, the final pod of the season ran 5 rounds, giving Carrera 5 shots at the crown. In round 1, the heat was on as newcomer Richie “llasnik64” Kinsall refused to get posterized by the future champion, but in round 2 a 2-0 over Anthony “dice2k6” Barrows clinched the championship for David.

Elsewhere in the 8PM pod, the top 3 spots were taken by Monday Night Magic debuts, Alex76 went 5-0, taking Dualcast Gaming deep into the later hours, using the league option no time limit in the final round to play out a marathon match that pitted Alex’s Bant Ramp deck against Dualcast’s Yorion Control.

With the completion of the event, Dave Carrera wins the season two title with 96 points (32-27), Grandey finishes second with 90 pts (30-17), Jonah Hagan climbs up the ladder to third with 81 and fourth place is a three way tie between Michael “Mooch” Miccuolo, “Naty” Nate Lehnert and Paul “Plague” Miles all at 75 points.

All told, 36 different players threw cards in our Monday Night Magic season, with 9 playing a full season and 20 playing two or more pods. Dave, Brennan and Mooch tied with 3 pod wins and 9 other players took down at least one pod over the course of season 2.

There will be no rest for the wicked, Monday Night Magic returns on Monday. We are discontinuing our support of Aetherhub, and will be running all pods on MTGMelee.


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