Plague League

Double Points Night Causes Chaos in Standings

A 4-0 night was worth 24 points in tonight’s week 5 of Monday Night Magic. With two pods players had a chance to climb the season championship leaderboard.  And players made the most of it.

In the first pod, despite a Discord server crash, we still triggered with 14 players, including several members of the Tin Street Journal crew.  After four rounds, it was Plague League rookie Tristan Cohen-Rider taking their Yorion, Sky Nomad deck all the way to a 4-0 and 24 big points, putting Tristan on the board in 13th place.  With Mike Mucciolo and Brennan Grandey out for the night, the top two positions were ripe for the picking, and Lucas Garofolo rode a 3-1 in pod 1 into first with 78 points.

In the later pod, which was delayed an hour (and thank you to everyone for hanging around), 11 players took the starting line. Another four rounder, needed six to settle the score, with four players finishing at 3-1 (worth 18 points tonight). Dave Carerra used his 3-1 with a 2-2 from the early pod, to jump into 2nd place overall. at 54 points. Fantomas has some work to do to unseat Lucas if he wants to defend his season 2 championship. But with 4 weeks to go, Lucas is in the catbird seat looking to throw down a double-double and win the overall championship and the Rookie of the Season award.

The King of the Mountain award, for the player with the highest overall ELO rating, is still safely in Mike Mucciolo’s hands, as his 1258 is over 160 points clear of Shawn Montgomery’s 1091.

For the other stat nerds in the group, we went chugging past our 500th all-time Monday Night Magic match, with now 61 different players having participated in at least one MNM pod. PDawg’s late pod win makes Shawn the first multiple pod winner of our 3rd season. Lucas Garofolo’s 78 points would be good enough to cinch 4th overall in season 2.  We also went over 50 followers on our Twitch channel, which opens up the affiliate level for us, meaning subscriptions and emotes! Our Discord is also sitting at 199 users and 125 friends on Twitter.

Monday Night Magic returns to it’s regular 3 points per match win format next week, as we’ve passed the clubhouse turn and head into the back half of the schedule. We’re back tomorrow night with our Pokemon TCGO Standard Series, and look forward to seeing you in our Discord and in a game soon.

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