Plague League

Doug Hoffstrom Continues Undefeated Streak in Monday Night Magic Week 3

Doug Hoffstrom continues to run roughshod over Plague League’s Monday Night Magic. In three weeks, he is 9-0, winning each week’s event with a different deck. This week Doug brought a U/R/G mutate deck. The rest of the field was a shake-up. Plague League’s organizer, Paul “Plague” Miles finally found his Gruul deck groove, running his Rakdos deck into the undefeated match-up in round 3. Plague stole game one, Getting Pelt Collector and Robber of the Rich on the field early. Doug rallied in game 2 and stretched Plague’s Rakdos deck fairly quickly, swinging for 23 damage on round 4. Game 3 went to week 3 winner Doug Hoffstrom after putting getting Agent of Treachery on the field.

TimeSymmetry repeated last week’s 2-1 record to put 6 more points up on the board for himself, our DiabeticGameGuy made his debut putting in a 2-1 record to round out Monday’s event. Jarrod “F1a5co” Gillis, who placed second in weeks one and two, struggled. After taking round 1 against DiabeticGameGuy (2-0), he dropped round 2 to DougLife and round 3 to TimeSymmetry.


Sign-ups are open for Monday Night Magic week 4 over at Aetherhub ( You can read league rules and check out the current overall standings on our MTGA Monday Night Magic page.

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