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Doug Life, Mooch & Lord Sarzex All 2-1 in MNM Season 1 Finale

6 players joined the session for the final Monday Night Magic of season 1. Half of those players went 2-1 with a returning Brendan “Lord Sarzex” Grandey spoiling Doug Hoffstrom‘s bid at another undefeated night.

But, after all the points were tallied, the night was nothing more than a victory lap for Hoffstrom, who won 4 of 5 season 1 events going 13-2 with a gaudy .867 winning percentage.

Michael “Mooch” Mucciolo used his 4th MNM appearance, and a 2-1 finale to leapfrog several other players in the standings. The only other MNM winner this season, Mooch finished 2nd and 15 points back.

All six players that participated in our Memorial Day edition of Monday Night Magic received a “Memorial Day 2020” event badge, as a thanks for spending part of their holiday with Plague League. Hoffstrom also earned himself a Monday Night Magic Season Champion banner.  Doug has a complete set of Plague League event badges, something no other player can claim.

Tonight concluded our first season of Magic the Gathering Arena play. Eight players participated in at least half of our five events. But there is no rest for the wicked, as we are already gearing up for the launch of our next cycle of events.

Wednesday night debuts our Brawl 4 All series, and in just one week season 2 of Monday Night Magic triggers with two pods, one at 5PM Eastern and one at 8PM Eastern. Keep checking our website for updates on those events and more.

Final standings for MNM Week 5 are official:



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