Plague League

Doug Life Rides Thassa/Agent of Treachery Combo to MNM Victory

Doug Hoffstrom (DougLife) took the Thassa, Deep-Dwelling/Agent of Treachery combo to a 3-0 victory in tonight’s first ever Monday Night Magic event.

Doug won five straight games and was untouchable until he paired up with Jarrod Gillis (f1a5co) at the 2-0 undefeated table in round three.  Jarrod’s W/R Cycling was the only deck to challenge Doug’s Azorius Aggro deck, taking one of three games in the final round. Ultimately, it was Doug’s ability to find and get Thassa and Agent onto the field that resulted in game three GG’s from a very game Gillis.

Seven of nine registered players sessioned for tonight’s tournament, and there were no mid-event drops.

Final Standings are official

1. DougLife (9pts)
2. f1a5co (6pts)
3. KollerKladx (6pts)
4. lordsarzex (6pts)
5. St.Doritos (3pts)
6. dice2k6 (3pts)
7. MrThePlague (3pts)

DougLife’s Winning Azorius Aggro Deck

f1a5co’s 2nd Place Cycling Std Deck

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