Plague League

FantomasdaveMX Takes Down His First MNM Win in Early Pod

Tonight’s Monday Night Magic 5PM pod was the first early edition of the series to trigger a four round event.  9 players entered, all returning Plague Leaguers.  FantomasdaveMX, our first international player, ran a mono white deck to a 4-0 night win, defeating Michael “Mooch” Mucciolo at the undefeated table in round 4.  Round 3 saw our first ever match go to timelimit, as Mooch swung for lethal at the buzzer to beat Nate “LNate93” Lehnert 1-0 on time.  Control decks are not for the faint of heart.

Jonah “kodarth6804” Hagan and Doug “DougLife” Hoffstrom both finished the evening with 9 points (3-1) and four other players finished with 2-2 records for 6 points.

In the 8PM pod, 9 players sessioned, including 1 new player. Results from that event coming soon.

Final Standings are official:

2Jonah "kodarth6804" Hagan3-1970.83%70%52.28%
3Doug "DougLife" Hoffstrom3-1952.78%50%49.26%
4Anthony "dice2k6" Barrows2-2668.75%50%59.30%
5Brennan "LordSarzex" Grandey2-2661.11%44.44%45.46%
6Michael "Mooch" Mucciolo2-2654.17%44.44%48.10%
7Nate "LNate93" Lehnert2-2644.44%50%42.6%
8Paul "Plague" Miles1-3368.75%36.37%57.90%

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