Plague League

Four Players Join Plague League for First Pokemon TCGO Standard Tournament

Four players competed in the first Plague League Pokemon event, and played in a three round swiss pairings tournament that saw Mora, using a stall deck, go 3-0, defeating LifePart2 in the first round, relegating LP2 to second place. TheFeatherArrowTCG used a 3rd round drop from sneklord to pick-up third, with snek coming in out of the money.

Feedback was positive from all players after the event, and all four Pokemon Trainers will receive two codes for Rebel Clash packs to be redeemed in Pokemon TCGO.

Plague League’s second PTCGO tournament is already set to go, as we introduce an Expanded series, which will trigger simultaneously with our Magic the Gathering Arena Brawl series, Brawl 4 All.


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