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“GGards” Garrett Gardner Confirms for Young Lion Streamers All-Star Classic

Magic the Gathering Arena streamer and Dungeons & Dragons podcaster Garrett “GGards” Gardner has confirmed that he will participate in the July 19th Plague League event the Young Lion Streamers All-Star Classic.

Garrett Gardner is also the creator of MTGPrimer, which is a Magic the Gathering resource that breaks down cards by set. With M21 leaks happening, what a great time to have a source to study all those new cards.  He’s also a cast member of the Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast Questies.

Gardner is the 6th player to confirm, joining Plague League’s defending Monday Night Magic champion Doug Hoffstrom and streamers “HamHocks42”, Joe Davidson, and DeQuan Watson and Brian Allen.  The league is looking for two more young/small Magic Arena streamers to complete the 8-player roster.

The Classic is not a traditional tournament, it is an exhibition. All players will be streaming live with as little delay as possible, and the focus of the event will be on the community. Chat interaction, and sharing our experiences in Magic the Gathering and our love of the game.

For more information on the Classic, visit the page here on our site:

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