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Historic Pauper: A Basic Rundown

Historic Pauper: A Basic Rundown


Hello fellow Plague-Leaguers. Today I want to talk about a format that I am bringing to the server that I hope all of you will enjoy; Historic Pauper. If you’re familiar with Pauper, this should be pretty straight forward. But if you don’t know, Pauper is a format consisting of commons from across MtG history. In Arena the Pauper deck format is actually Standard Pauper which means it’s just commons that are available in Standard. From this we can gather that Historic Pauper consists of commons from Historic. Why does this matter? Because the card pool is actually great.


A Jump-Start to the Format


The card pool up until now has been pretty decent, but not a lot has differentiated it from the Standard variant. The addition of Jump-Start introduces a bunch of great commons into Arena. From Cloudshift and Phyrexian Rager, to Sea Gate Oracle and Thermo-Alchemist, there are a lot of the same archetypes in paper that are available in Historic Pauper. If you want to play WU blink, the cards are there. Burn just got access to the aforementioned Thermo-Alchemist and has Skewer the Critics. I witnessed a match just today between Green Stompy and a Black Mid-range deck. I’ve once had someone describe Pauper as “Vintage with worse win-conditions” and that absolutely has an air of truth to it. The format has a large number of decks and strategies available at a tuned down scale. This leads to a lot of fun back-and-forth games where even in bad match-ups, there isn’t always going to be a clear winner from the beginning.


Cleanup Step


The last thing I want to say is that you should try to brew some decks. One of the big upsides to pauper is that it’s all commons and I for one tend to build up an enormous stockpile of common wildcards. If you’re worried about committing to a strange deck idea, let me know and I can help you out with building it. I will help however I can to make the barrier of entry as low as possible. I am hosting Historic Pauper events every Wednesday at 7:05PM EST. If you have any questions feel free to message me on discord.

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