Plague League

Introducing: Brawl 4 All – Weekly MTGA Brawl League

Mark Wednesday May 27th on your calendar, Planeswalkers. On that day Plague League introduces it’s second weekly Magic the Gathering Arena league called Brawl 4 All joins Monday Night Magic as a weekly free to play event promoted by Plague League.

Brawl 4 All introduces the Brawl format to Plague League play, and like MNM will be a best of 3 Swiss rounds format event held every Wednesday from 8PM Eastern/7 Central. The later start time is to accommodate west coast players who are unable to join our current Monday night league.

Starting with our May 27th Brawl 4 All launch, we will be settling into two month long league schedules. Brawl 4 All season 1, and Monday Night Magic season 2 will run from May 27th through July 29th.

Prize support for both B4A season 1 & MNM season 2 is to be announced.  Stay tuned for updates on that and more.


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