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Introducing: The Valhalla World Tour

The Plague League is proud to announce the creation of the Valhalla World Tour.

The Valhalla World Tour is a bi-monthly series of gaming virtual conventions that brings together trading card games, role playing games and tabletop games all on our website and in our Discord channel. Every other month, we will be hosting hosting an absolute slew of events in wide variety of games.

Our two feature events each go around will be Magic the Gathering Arena & Pokemon TCGO. Side events will include sit & go card games in different titles and different clients, RPG games hosted by amateur and professional game masters, and virtual board game sessions. And every night will end with a watch party hosted on our Twitch channel.

The first stop on the Valhalla World Tour takes us to ancient Greece for the Elysian Fields Classic, which will be held November 6-9.  There are two ticket packages:
Main Event Ticket $15 (includes access to all events of the weekend and free entry into either the Magic the Gathering or Pokemon Main Event)
RPG Alley Ticket $5 (includes access only to RPG and tabletop gaming events during the weekend)

Already slated for November includes our Magic & Pokemon TCGO Main Events, which we hope will see prize purses north of $1000 each, as well as side events, RPG games hosted by Jesse van der Voorst and John Clark.

More events will be announced as they are scheduled. Player-run side events are encouraged.

Tickets for the Elysian Fields Classic will go on sale very soon.

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