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JFLM Goes 4-0, Top Qualifier in Causa Championship Series Stage 1

Hearthstone veteran JFLM paired off with Causa newcomer Noir at the undefeated table in round 4 to decide the top qualifier for tomorrow’s knockout stage, and it was Chile’s JFLM who walked away with the points and the #1 seed.

Noir, who has been playing Causa for about a week, created buzz in the community with two quick wins, as did Blessed_Player, who became a dark horse favorite after a round 1 victory over RuTheLand.  The marquee match-up of the day may have been the round 1 bout between HunAlex76 and Causa standard bearer Krystalliquide. HunAlex may not have made any friends by knocking off the friendly scene-favorite Krystal 2-1, sending the French player on a tough 1-3 performance, failing to qualify for stage 2.

8 of today’s 12 competitors qualified for the knock-out stage, which begins Sunday the 8th at 10:00AM Eastern.

Everyone who checks in tomorrow is guaranteed to win a prize pack from Niebla Games.  We will be streaming from Tournament Control Center live right through the final play tomorrow at, with constant updates on our Discord server at

RankPlayer Points
12Jamedi (retired)3

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