Plague League

Junior Plague Leaguer Accounts

Just a quick update. With the addition of Pokemon TCGO to our weekly schedule, we are seeing younger players join the site and Discord server. With that comes an added responsibility to our administration as well as our senior players.

In order to protect our young users, players under the age of 16 will have slightly limited access to user features. Our Junior Plague Leaguers will not have access to private messaging or posting photos on the site.

I am very proud of the community we have begun to build. I want to ask all of our members to please be considerate of our younger players. Please treat them with the respect you would want someone to treat your younger brother or sister (or your teenaged child if you’re an old man like Plague).

Not all of the burden lies at the feet of the senior members of this community. We do expect our junior members to behave in a mature and responsible manner. Disruptive behavior from any player, regardless of the age, will not be tolerated. Once a junior turns 16, they will have to contact admins to have their “junior” status removed. And we do look forward to being around long enough to see our juniors graduate.

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