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Michael “Mooch” Mucciolo Wins MNM Season 2 King of the Hill

Season two of Monday Night Magic saw fantastic growth, and a 267 individual matches played. After all those games are done, and taking weeks to create and fine tune our ELO Ratings System, Michael “Mooch” Mucciolo finds himself as the King of the Mountain.

Mooch racked up a record of 25 and 10 with 3 pod wins over 10 events played and accumulated a 1224 ELORS score.  Brennan “LordSarzex” Grandey is sitting in the catbird seat going into the season 3 KOTH hunt, currently riding an ELORS of 1105.

Players enter our ELO Ratings System with an initial 0-match rating of 1000, we use a “kfactor” of 32, meaning that the most points you can gain or lose in any one match is 32 points.

Currently, only Monday Night Magic matches are considered towards a player’s ELORS. As we stabilize our weekly community-run events, we will discuss as a community whether to broaden the ratings system to include all matches played or not.

Pokemon TCGO players will begin to see an ELORS rating coming as we formalize our Pokemon Standard Series into a season format beginning this up coming Tuesday.
Congratulations again to Michael Mucciolo on being our first, current, reigning and defending King of the Hill.

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