Plague League

Mike Mucciolo Grabs His Second MNM Black & Gold Badge in 8PM Pod

A Plague League record 10 players sessioned up for our first ever 8PM Monday Night Magic pod. This lead to our first ever 4-round swiss pairings event. Thank you to the 7 players who participated in both pods, and everyone who played this evening.

But, after four rounds, it was Michael “Mooch” Mucciolo who ran the table, bringing home a Plague League record 12 points and a 4-0 record. 5PM pod winner Nate “LNate93” Lehnert tied for 2nd place with TimeSymmetry and Plague League rookie KODarth for 9 points (3-1). Doug “DougLife” Hoffstrom and Paul “Plague” Miles finished at 2-2 for 6 points and Anthony “dice2k6” Barrows was joined by newcomers jking666mtg and fantomasdavemx at 3 points (1-3). Caoi Trindade joined the session, but did not start, earning zero points on the night.

Our Magic the Gathering Arena players are off until Wednesday when we have our 8PM Brawl 4 All (Brawl format) league. But, Plague League continues on tomorrow night as we launch our new Pokemon TCGO Standard series. Players are welcome and encouraged to participate in both MTGA and PTCGO events.

1Michael "Mooch" Mucciolo4-01254.17%100%54.17%
3Jonah kodarth6804 Hagan3-1954.17%75%54.17%
4Nate "LNate93" Lehnert3-1943.75%60%45.42%
5Doug "DougLife" Hoffstrom2-2654.17%50%55.83%
6Paul "Plague" Miles2-2652.78%44.44%50%
8Anthony "dice2k6" Barrows1-3383.33%33.33%78.33%
10Caio TrindadeDid not start

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