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Monday Night Magic Sees Biggest Turnout Yet

Plague League’s Monday Night Magic league has continued to grow week after week, and last night’s Season 2/Week 8 event saw our largest player count ever.

In the 5PM Pod, we triggered with 11 players, and Founders’ Club member Anthony dice2k6″ Barrows took down his first ever 4-0 pod win. Anthony ran a Bant deck chock a block with bombers to great success, winning 80% of his games on his way to an undefeated night.

Anthony held off league rookie Jeslord “MTGitsmejessy” Caranto‘s Temur Rec deck at the round 4 table to complete the sweep.

In the 8PM pod, we saw our first full field, launching with 16 players. In the later run, Michael “Mooch” Mucciolo returned to the championship table for the first time since June 1st, riding a Sultai Flash build to 4-0. Mooch took down another PL rookie, Flushdonkey and their Bant Ramp deck at the undefeateds table.

Going into Championship Monday Night, Brennan “Lord Sarzex” Grandey has a 6 point (2 win) lead on rookie contender fantomasdaveMX.  Both Brennan and Dave have won 3 pods this season.  Sitting in the catbird seat is Founders’ Club member “Nasty” Nate Lehnert with 1 pod win and 75 points.  Season 1 champion Doug “DougLife” Hoffstrom is on the outside looking in currently in 4th with 66 points.

FantomasdaveMX has locked up our Rookie of the Season award with their 84 points. Jonah “dualcast gaming” Hagan, who is our Pauper League tournament runner, is sitting in second place in that race with 63 points and 2 pod wins.

31 individual players have competed in at least one Monday Night Magic pod this season. 9 have played in enough to score a full season (8 or more weeks at week 8). 9 more players have participated in two or more events this season. We have had 11 different MNM winners in season 2 with 4 players winning multiple pods.

As I said to our players last night in the Discord voice channel, we haven’t just been successful statistically, adding players weekly and retaining players at a very high rate. But the community that is growing around not just MNM, but Plague League overall, has been phenomenal.

Current Season 2 Monday Night Magic Standings

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