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Mooch Ruins DougLife’s Bid for Perfect Season

After three unbeaten weeks, DougLife’s reign of terror on Monday nights is over. Doug Hoffstrom, who has been bringing different decks each week, came into today’s Monday Night Magic event with a Dimir flash deck that leaned heavily on Brineborn Cutthroat and Slitherwisp.  After a round 1 bye, Hoffstrom paired off with Nate Lenhert, who’s mono red Odd Bosh sprint deck outpaced Doug’s flash, and hung the first L of the season on DougLife 2-0.

Mike Mucciolo seized the day, and rode a perfect 3-0 night into second place in the season 1 championship race. Mooch now sits at 18 points, 15 behind Hoffstrom, who has effectively cinched the inaugural Monday Night Magic championship. Mooch pitched a perfect game, winning all three of his match-ups 2-love. Mike’s BG Umori deck swarmed the competition, ramping quickly, using Zagoth Mamba and Auspicious Starrix‘s mutate ability and field laden with 1 drops to build quickly to a Brokkos, Apex of Forever drop.

Elsewhere in the grid, Lenhert took a 2-1 performance to pull into 3 points of a Top 4 championship finish, improving to 4-5 on the season. Tournament organizer Plague went 1-2, picking up 3 points with the 3rd round bye to pull even with an absent Jarrod Gillis for 3rd overall.


Next Monday is our season 1 finale. It’s not too late to jump into the fray, you can register to play up until game time (5pm Eastern/4 Central) by visiting our Aetherhub tournament page:

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