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Nate “LNate93” Lehnert Picks Up His First MNM Win in 5PM Pod

Nate “LNate93” Lehnert of Grand Rapids held off a field of 7 players to take home his first Monday Night Magic win. Nate’s  Odd Obosh deck went 3-0 beating Michael “Mooch” MiccIolo (2-0) and Doug “DougLife” Hoffstrom (2-0) while catching a first round bye.

Nate may have carried a 1-0 into his first match, but he beat our resident murderer’s row, handing our only two other MNM winners on his way to the win. TimeSymmetry  joined Doug and Michael in a 3-way tie for second, all carrying 2-1 records for six points.  Anthony “dice2k6” Barrows and Paul “Plague” Miles were joined by newcomer David “fantomasdavidmx” Carrera at 1-2 in the three round swiss event.

All seven players from the 5PM pod are registered for the 8PM pod, giving the whole field a double header on the evening.

1Nate "LNate93" Lehnert3-0955.56%100%52.38
2Michael "Mooch" Micciolo2-1666.67%66.67%66.67%
3Doug "DougLife" Hoffstrom2-1655.56%57.14%55.56%
5Anthony "dice2k6" Barrows1-2366.67%20%61.9%
7Paul "Plague" Miles1-2350%0%50%
8Joe "spof722" CrispinDid not start

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