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Pete Crighton Wins CCS Championship

Pete Crighton and Blessed_Player made Cinderella Runs through today’s Causa Championship Series Stage 2. After qualifying 6th, Pete had to get past Husar01 & yesterday’s sweetheart story, Noir before pairing off with Andorra’s Blessed_Player (apologies to Blessed, who’s flag icon I misidentified as Moldovan yesterday).

Blessed had a similar upset path, getting past Galgara and top seeded JFLM to reach the finals.

In the climax series, Blessed suffered from poor draws, unable to pull any of their characters and couldn’t get the deck’s engine running. It was a slow bleed as Pete took down the title with a 2-0 win.

Final Standings

1: PeteCrighton
2: Blessed_Player
4: Noir
5-8: Nizal(Rollacrits), Galgara, HunAlex76, Husar01

6 countries and 3 continents were represented in the top 8 alone, which shows you the global appeal of this very young Causa game.


The following decklists were submitted before play began on Saturday the 7th, and were impounded until the conclusion of the event. No player had access to the decklists as submitted to the league.

Top 8

PeteCrighton Deck 1 | Deck 2
Blessed_Player Deck 1 | Deck 2
JFLM Deck 1 | Deck 2
Noir Deck 1 | Deck 2
Nizal Deck 1 | Deck 2
Galgara Deck 1 | Deck 2
HunAlex76 Deck 1 | Deck 2
Husar01 Deck 1 | Deck 2

Day One Lists

RuTheLand Deck 1 | Deck 2
Krystalliquide Deck 1 | Deck 2
Denker Deck 1 | Deck 2

Decklists provided by the Causa Decksmith App.

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