Plague League

Plague League Adds Pokemon TCGO Weekly Events

Plague League‘s rapid expansion continues as the organization has announced the addition of two weekly Pokemon TCGO leagues. On Tuesdays we will be hosting standard format and Wednesdays are for extended format. Both events will be free to play for all competitors and everyone who participates will receive one free PTCGO pack code.

Pokemon events at Plague League begin on June 9th at 7PM for our Standard series.  As with our Magic the Gathering Arena leagues, players will also be able to earn Event Badges to add to their user profile pages.

Plague League Pokemon TCGO Standard Series begins on June 9th, and you can find more information on our series page, League Pokemon TCGO Extended Series launches on June 11th, information for those events can be found on it’s series page,

Players are all welcome to use the Plague League Discord server, including the voice channels, any time.

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