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Plague League to Provide Competitive Support to Causa, Voices of the Dusk

Plague League, a growing digital trading card and role playing game community, in partnership with Chile’s Niebla Games, announced today that Plague League will provide competitive play support for Niebla’s collective card game title Causa, Voices of the Dusk.

As part of the agreement, Plague League’s upcoming virtual convention series, Valhalla World Tour, will host the official Causa Championship Series. Players competing in the championship series will have the opportunity to earn exciting in-game rewards.  These tournaments will happen in the Side Game Alley at each online convention event.

Causa players will also have an opportunity to play in a free-to-enter, community run weekly series hosted by Plague League.

Players competing in either the Championship Series or the weekly leagues will earn event badges for their Plague League website profile page, as well as build a Plague League ELO rating, in addition to in-game rewards provided by Niebla Games.

  Causa, Voices of the Dusk is an intriguing collectible card game in which your decisions will change the course of the game. Sacrifice cards to raise your Cause, and bring them back later to achieve the most strategic plays. Prove your abilities battling other players, and draft your way to Victory in extremely challenging campaigns.

Plague League is an online trading & role playing game community build on the belief that social distancing shouldn’t mean socially distant. The Plague League community hosts nightly weekly trading card game tournaments in a wide range of titles and enters the competitive scene with this fall’s launch of the Valhalla World Tour virtual convention series.

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