Plague League

Player-Run Magic Brawl, Historic & Historic Brawl Leagues Coming, Other Changes

Plague League continues to evolve and grow.  Our first two weeks of Pokemon events have seen 12 new players join the community.  This week’s Standard Series was the first to get streamed to Twitch, as Adam Kalamat went 4-0 on stream to pick up his first Plague League win.

Magic the Gathering Arena continues to run strong. This Monday saw two pods trigger with 9 players at the 5PM table, and 12 at the 8PM table.

Magic will continue to grow in the near future as two players have asked to jump start new weekly MTGA leagues. Coming soon, Brennan “LordSarzex” Grandey will be hosting a Friday night Historic series and Nate “LNate93” Lehnert will be bringing Brawl back on Sundays and launching a Historic Brawl series at some point as well.

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