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POG Championships Week & All Our Registration Links

The Atlas Collectibles Pokemon Online Gaming Championships are coming up on the 22nd & 23rd, and I am very proud of the five players who are carrying the Team Plague banner into this massive, global Pokemon event.

Adam, Robert, William, Suchit and Malachi have been working non-stop, discussing and playtesting decks. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them work together to put themselves and each other in the best position possible going in to the POGs.

The Darkness Ablaze set is out now for Pokemon TCGO, and with all the testing on, it seems there has been a significant meta shift.  The conversation in the Discord server has been interesting.

POGs aside, we have another full week of league action here. Week three of the season starts on Monday and runs straight through Sunday.


5PM Eastern: Monday Night Magic (MTGA Standard)

8PM Eastern: Monday Night Magic (MTGA Standard)


7PM Eastern: Pokemon TCGO Standard


5PM Eastern: Magic the Gathering Historic Pauper Weekly (organized by Jonah Hagan)

7PM Eastern: Pokemon TCGO Expanded (run by Kip Thorne)


7PM Eastern: Hearthstone (organized by Malachi Ryder)
More information coming soon.


5PM Eastern: Magic the Gathering Historic (organized by Brennan Grandey)


6PM Eastern: Magic the Gathering Brawl Weekly (organized by Nate Lehnert)

Registration for all events is free and open to all players and you can find answers to any questions on our Discord server.

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