Plague League

Pokemon Standard Series

Pokemon TCGO Standard Series


The Plague League Pokemon Standard Series is a Pokemon TCGO standard weekly league.


The PTCGO Standard Series runs every Tuesday at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central.
See all upcoming events here:


Swiss pairings (3 rounds for 8 players or less, 4 rounds for 9 to 16 players)
Standard decks are legal
Best of 3 format
50 minute round time limit


Players are encouraged to use the Plague League Discord server for communication. The server has several voice channels that players may use to communicate with their opponents and all other players competing in the event.


1. Register for each event you plan on participating in individually via our Challonge page.
2. Be online and checked in on the Challonge page by 8:00PM Eastern time.
3. Please also join the Plague League Discord server and be in the Pokemon TCGO text channel as well as the PTCGO voice channel.
4. When the round pairings are posted, find your opponent in the PTCGO text channel and exchange in-game usernames.
5. Once you have exchanged usernames, send and/or confirm a friend request.
6. Once you and your opponent are friends, find them in your friends list, and issue a battle challenge.
7. When you select your deck, please remember to choose a STANDARD deck.
8. Each match is best of 3. Please remember to play out the series.

Prize Support

Every player will receive one PTCGO pack code.