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Pokemon TCGO Series Going to 1-pack Model

We made the decision over the weekend to move our Pokemon TCGO Standard & Expanded events to a 1-pack buy-in model. The move comes as a response to the current cost of bulk Darkness Ablaze codes and the recent lull in participation in both series.

Starting with tomorrow’s standard event, players will be asked to send 1 unlocked pack of their choosing to the League’s PTCGO account (in game name: PlagueLeague). At the end of the event, the packs will be distributed to the top 4 at a ratio appropriate to the number of entries.  The payout model will be bottom heavy, meaning that preference will be given to prizing out more players, rather than prizing the winner at a higher ratio.

Pack codes are available in the Plague League store for as low as .55 for Sword & Shield.

Registration for tomorrow’s Standard series is now open:

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