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Previewing Plague League Season 2: More Magic and Arena and Pokemon

Season one of Monday Night Magic is in the books. Congratulations again to Doug “DougLife” Hoffstrom for walking the field, winning four of five weeks, and thanks as well to everyone who joined us even if it was just for one evening.

Going in to week 1, the goal was to build a hyper competitive, wide reaching digital TCG tournament organization. Something akin to the Star City Games tour, or maybe more aptly, GameBattles for card gamers. However over the last month, the purpose has evolved more towards supporting a community of gamers.

Discord offers a wonderful opportunity to build community with it’s voice channels. We are also fortunate that the first group of players we found are a great group of people. We have not had one issue with any player (knock on wood).

People need a place to online now to come together and socialize. That is now Plague League’s mission. The competitive high tier events will come eventually. But we are focusing on continuing to find players of all experience levels, skill levels and backgrounds.

Plague League isn’t just our four weekly events. It really is the possibilities of the Discord server and how our players choose to use it. We want players to use our Discord for casual games, deck building sessions, just hanging out. The Discord server can be a proxy for your local game shop. A place to spend time with people who are really into the same games and kind of games you are into.

Beyond the constant evangelizing of our Discord server, we are expanding, beginning on Tuesday, to Pokemon TCGO. Over the next two months we will be running both Magic the Gathering Arena and PTCGO concurrently.  Our hope is that we can continue to bring new Magic and Pokemon players to Plague League weekly.

In advance of our second season of play, which will run from June through the end of July, we began two small advertising campaigns. One promoting our MTGA leagues on Facebook, and another promoting PTCGO via Bing Ads.

Going forward, as has been said, long term goals involve large highly competitive tournaments. Ongoing goals are focused around growing our playerbase. Mid term goals are about adding titles. We will obviously be adding support for more digital trading card games, but we are also considering adding more casual, digital edition board games like Settlers of Catan and Small World.  We are also interested in finding and supporting any RPG groups that would be interested in using our server to run their campaigns. No plans are ever set in stone, as we are willing to listen to the players and would prefer to make Plague League the organization people want, rather than find people who want what we have.

Plague League is not Fight Club, the first two rules of Plague League are: Tell everyone about Plague League.

Thank you all again for participating in our events and being a part of the foundation of something that I believe and hope is something special.

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