Plague League

Record 37 Players Compete in Monday Night Magic

An organization record 37 players competed in tonight’s Monday Night Magic double header. This session, saw the league’s first 5-round pod, won by Spain’s Manuel “Manu04” Vera. Newcomers Ryan “Mebigunot” McKinney and RezedentGenius finished 4-1.  with his perfect run, Manu becomes the first Plague Leaguer to record a natural 15.

Manu’s Temur Adventures build was creature heavy in the main, leaning on Lucky Clover to double-up effects on adventurers like Beanstolk Giant // Fertile Footsteps, and Fae of Wishes // Granted, but sideboarded plenty of nope spells to counter a Sultai Ramp-heavy field.

In the nightcap, Jamal Arman picked up their second pod win of the season with a mono green aggro deck that was so creature heavy, it’s only sorcery card was a play set of Primal Might.

RezedentGenius lead a field of 4 players at 3-1, finishing their night 7-2 overall.

With 3 weeks left in our 3rd season playing standard Magic, Lucas “f1m0z3” Garofolo continues to handle the field in the overall and the Rookie of the Season points chase with 93 points in 10 events. Lucas’ 2.6 wins per pod average is well ahead of any other full-time league competitor.

Season 2 champion Dave “fantomasdaveMX” Carrera picked up a few points on Lucas, now sitting with 72 points on the season.

For more information on our Monday Night Magic standard series, visit our MNM page.

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