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Season 3 Week 2 Schedule Registration Links!

Welcome to season 3 of Monday Night Magic and season 1 of Pokemon Standard & Expanded Series.

New for the August/September season is our ELO Ratings System (ELORS), which has been implemented to track player ratings across our prime events.  Our ELORS is based loosely on the FIDE chess ELO system. All players start with a rating of 1000 and we use a “kfactor” of 32.  This means that the most points a player can gain or lose in a round match is 32 points.

With that, here are our registration links for the first week of events in August.


5PM Eastern Monday Night Magic (MTGA Standard) Early Pod

8PM Eastern Monday Night Magic (MTGA Standard) Late Pod



7PM Eastern Pokemon TCGO Standard Series


5PM Eastern MTGA Historic Pauper Weekly Series
contact Jonah Hagan here or on our Discord Server

7PM  Eastern Pokemon TCGO Expanded Series


6PM Eastern MTGA Weekly Brawl
contact Nate Lehnert

Our weekly Historic league run by Brennan Grandey is being rescheduled as Fridays proved difficult to muster enough players to fire.



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