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Plague League members are welcome to submit news, previews, reviews and event coverage directly to Plague League’s front page news.

What is considered a front page post:
Previews of upcoming set releases.
Coverage of gaming events (Plague League or any other event you may participate in or attend).
Deck tech articles.
Post release set reviews.
Meta discussion.

What is not considered a front page post:
Promoting your own YouTube or Twitch channel.
Short posts that could otherwise be posted as an Activity Wall post.
Posts littered with misspellings and lacking adequate grammar.

When you submit your post, it will be staged in a ‘pending’ category until it can be reviewed. Once it is reviewed and approved, it will be published.  If you submit and publish 5 posts, your future posts will be approved and posted automatically.

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Thank you for contributing to the Plague League community.

Before hitting ‘Submit’, please review your post and check your spelling and grammar.