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Team Plague Announced for Pokemon Online Global Championships

Plague League will be supporting four players competing in Atlas Collectables’ Pokemon Online Global Championships this month. The POG’s is the largest online Pokemon TCGO event organized since the global COVID-19 pandemic lead to the cancellation of all in person events.

The event boasts a $3000 payout for the two day event with international reach and daily streams sponsored by PoTown Store, The Upper Hand and The MetaPod.

Plague League has committed to supporting four players who will be competing in the POGs. These players are integral parts of our Pokemon community and we believe will represent the Plague in the best possible way through the event and beyond.

Our four Team Plague players registering today for the 2020 Atlas Collectables Pokemon Online Global Championships are:
Malachi Ryder (King Heracross)
Adam Kalamat (Adam Gold)
Robert Hinds (LifePartTwo)
William XI (The True_TCG)

These four players will be participating in day one of the 2020 POGs on August 22nd.  Keep checking and our Discord server for updates on their progress as they chase their share of the $3000 prize fund.

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