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Trainers Toolkit & Pikarom Battle Deck Codes coming to Plague League Store

Two of the most sought after items in Pokemon TCGO are coming to the Plague League store.  The “Pikarom” deck, officially the Pikachu & Zekrom-GX League Battle Deck and the newly released Trainers Toolkit, along with the Resham & Charizard GX League Battle Deck will be added to our online store as soon as the codes hit my inbox.

We will also be able to offer all three of these items for below average retail price.  The Toolkit is going to priced at $13 ($14.90 on most sites), and the Pikarom deck will cost $15 ($16.90 on most sites).

We also have Rebel Clash and Sword & Shield pack codes available, both at less than a dollar each.  Plus, if you play in either of our weekly PTCGO leagues, you get a Rebel Clash pack code, just for playing.

Plague League is an independent gaming community and tournament organizer. Plague League is not backed or supported by any brick & mortar game shop. We don’t have the support of Wizards of the Coast or Pokemon, and we do everything the old school, punk rock, DIY kind of way.

So, if you have a couple Internet Rubles kicking around.  Take a look in our shop.

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