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About Me
22 years old
Joined May 25, 2020

Im a veteran Magic player. Though most new players choose to go forward before looking back, when I first started playing I wanted to learn from the older formats. I have been to several grand prix's around the east coast, competing in multiple formats from standard, all the way to vintage.
My favorite card: Blightsteel Colossus. Its intimidating artwork is one of my favorites and is a must have in any of my EDH decks.
Favorite set: Khans of Tarkir. Khans was best known for reprinting Fetch Lands; a neccesary card for ALL eternal formats. With their artwork showing the extinction of dragons, its a nice analogy for the barreness of fetch lands in the formats that need them most.
If you have any questions about eternal formats, from pioneer to vintage, I'd be happy to help and provide some helpful insights.

Magic the Gathering Arena, Magic the Gathering Online
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Top 8 in Khans of Tarkir Grand Prix Qualifier
Top 8 in Battle for Zendikar Grand Prix Qualifier
Top 8 in Oath of the Gatewatch Grand Prix Qualifier
Top 8 in multiple Starcity Games Tour Qualifiers

I hope to become a SCG champion one day, and if they ever bring back grand tours that would be awesome!