Plague League

Valhalla World Tour Tickets are On Sale Now!

Our first Valhalla World Tour event, the Elysian Fields Classic is scheduled for November 6-9, and tickets are available now via

Join us in November for three major tournaments including; the Causa Championship Series (the official tournament series of Causa, Voices of the Dusk) and our Magic the Gathering Arena & Pokemon TCGO Main Events. We’ll also be running sit & go side events in Magic the Gathering, Pokemon TCGO, Hearthstone, and Causa as well as role playing game sessions.  Our RPG sessions are supported in part by Chaosium Inc and R. Tolsorian Games, and our ticketed RPG session room includes games run by professional game masters including John Clark and Jesse van der Vorst.

Or, if you want to run your own TCG or RPG game session, you can do that in any title you want by hosting an event.

Each night wraps up with a watch party, and you can join all your friends to watch Spaceballs, Kick-Ass and Ghost in the Shell (1996).

Tickets are $15 (with a guaranteed seat in either PTCGO or MTGA Main Event) or $5 for everything else, and you can buy them now at

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