Plague League

Weekly Rewind: It Was a Busy Week for the Plague

A lot of exciting things happened in the last week for the Plague League community. Our Team Plague Pokemon TCGO players competed in the Atlas Collectibles Pokemon Online Gaming Championships. One of our players, William Xi qualified for day 2 of the unofficial world championship event. William was the only falinks player in day 2, but wore the collar, going 0-4 in the 8 rounder. His performance, however, should earn him a spot in the LimtlessTCG rankings.

We also announced on Wednesday that we have partnered with Niebla Games to provide competitive play support for their collective card game Causa, Voice of the Dusk. In addition to bringing a free-to-play weekly league, we will also be hosting the Causa Championship Series as part of our upcoming online convention series, the Valhalla World Tour.

Speaking of the Valhalla World Tour, we have also partnered with Chaosium and R. Talsorian Games to provide game master support to role players who are interested in hosting sessions in any of Chaosium or R. Talsorian’s titles for the Valhalla World Tour.

We are back to our regular schedule starting with Monday Night Magic tomorrow night. For registration information for any of our Magic or Pokemon events, visit our schedule, or check out our Discord.

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