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Wild Flying Horses Couldn’t Keep Doug Life Away from Second Consecutive MNM Win

Doug Hoffstrom repeated the feat as he took down the second Monday Night Magic event of our inaugural season. Doug benched his Thassa/Agent combo deck far a “Flying Horses Attack” U/W deck built around Archon of Sun’s Grace backed with Teferi, Time Raveler, and Elspeth Conquers Death.

For Doug, it was second verse, same as the first, as he took his horses deck to another 3-0 victory. Doug once again found himself matched against f1a5co at the undefeated table in round 3, and again went three games before taking down the win.

A total of 8 players sessioned up for week 2, one more than last week. Five players returned, including LordSarzex, dice2k6 and Plague League commissioner, MrThePlague.

Newcombers TimeSymmetry and Mooch made a quick first impression, finishing 3rd and 4th with 7 points and 2-1 records each.  Rookie LNate93 used strength of schedule to post a 5th place finish, ahead of Lordsarzex and Plague all wrapping up with 1-2 records.

Monday Night Magic Week 2 Final Results


Top 4 Decks

1st. Doug Life2nd. F1A5CO
3rd. TimeSymmetry4th. Mooch


Sign-ups are open for Monday Night Magic week 3 over at Aetherhub ( You can read league rules and check out the current overall standings on our MTGA Monday Night Magic page.

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